Newton (Auburndale, Lower Falls, Waban Center) PorchFest FAQ for Porch Owners

What is PorchFest?
PorchFest is an afternoon of free music performed outside of people’s homes. Over 100 cities across the country hold PorchFests. For 2024, Newton PorchFest will include the villages of Auburndale, Lower Falls, and Waban Center. On Saturday, June 1st that often underused space, the front porch, (driveways and lawns too!) will become the stage for bands, singers, and instrumentalists. All musicians, professionals, amateurs, and everything in between, perform voluntarily at a designated time and location. Attendees stroll from venue to venue, in order to hear the music of their choice.
As a porch owner, what is required of me before, during, and after PorchFest?
Here’s the list of Porch Host requirements:
  • Designate an outdoor area on your private property that can accommodate musicians and guests. Porches are great, but any outdoor space will work.
  • Communicate with the performer(s) to arrange for logistics. (Find out when the band will be arriving, find out about their electrical needs, etc.)
  • Help welcome the band upon arrival; be a gracious host to festival attendees
  • Allow musicians access to (only) your porch during their set-up, performance and breakdown times
  • Ensure your porch (driveway, yard) has available space for a band, and is free of clutter that could create a hazard
  • Provide seating, if you have it, for attendees (lawn chairs, blankets, etc.)
  • Help welcome the band upon arrival; be a host to the band and to festival attendees
  • Promote the event in the weeks leading up to June 1st to family, coworkers, and friends,
  • Communicate with neighbors regarding the performance to boost attendance and to avoid complaints about noise
  • This is an all-ages, alcohol-free event. Your help is appreciated in keeping the event viable and safe for everyone.
  • Note that you must be home during the time that musicians are performing on your property.
How long will the band be performing on my porch?
We’re limiting performances to up to 2 hours. We’re doing this as a courtesy to neighbors and to allow as many porch owners and musicians as possible to participate.
Do I need to own my property to sign up as a porch owner?
Yes, private property only please for liability reasons.
Do I need to live in Auburndale or Lower Falls or Waban Center to host a performer?
Yes, performances will be in Auburndale and Lower Falls and Waban Center. If you don't live in these villages, but want to participate in future years, please come and see what it's all about.
Do I have to find musicians to play on my porch?
No, musicians will be assigned to your porch. (If you know a band that you want to perform on your porch, please include their name and contact in the Notes area of the registrations. Ask that they request you when they register)
I’m a musician! Can I play on my own porch?
That would be awesome! Just make sure to indicate that when you register.
How will I know who will be playing on my porch?
Once sign-up is complete, we’ll be contacting you to let you know who will be performing on your porch, and connect you with them directly so logistics for the day can be worked out.
Do I have to provide water, refreshments, food?
Water would be great, but we’re asking musicians to bring their own. Any other provisions you provide is up to you!
Do I provide parking for the band?
No, but it would help if you arrange with the band where they can park temporarily to drop off equipment.
How will folks know that my porch is hosting music on June 1st?
We’ll be providing lots of information on our website, including maps with a schedule. We’ll be setting up a lawn sign in your yard, the week of PorchFest. We’re counting on you to help promote the event as well.
Can I decorate? Can my kids set up a lemonade stand?
Absolutely! Anything you want to set to make your porch a fun place to be, is welcome. We just ask that you don’t block the sidewalks.
I have other questions, whom do I contact?
Please email us at
Saturday June 1 2024
12:00pm - 6:00pm
Auburndale | Lower Falls | Waban Center
Contact us:
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Sunday June 2